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31 Mai 2023

Round-up abril 23 - Tecnologia, Dados e Inovação Digital

Jorge Silva Martins
Jorge Silva Martins
Responsável de Área
João Carminho
João Carminho
Associado Sénior
Inês Coré
Inês Coré
Round-up abril 23 - Tecnologia, Dados e Inovação Digital
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Round-Up com  os temas que mais se destacaram em abril de 2023 nas áreas da Tecnologia, Dados e Inovação Digital:

#Privacy and Data Protection

  • EDPB adopted a letter on data sharing for AML/CFT purposes
  • EDPB resolves dispute on transfers by Meta and creates task force on Chat GPT
  • CNPD creates a database with ECJ case law
  • EDPB adopts final version of several Guidelines
  • CNPD issues Guidelines on the processing of Personal Data in the Public Sector
  • EDPB promotes consistent approach for NOYB complaints
  • EDPB Launches Data Protection Guide for small business

# Intellectual Property

  • The European Commission proposes new rules on Patents

Digital Platforms

  • Amendments to the Portuguese Labour Code: Introduction of Presumption of Employment regarding Digital Platforms
  • The European Commission launches the European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency
  • The EC designates first set of Very Large Online Platforms and Very Large Online Search Engines

A Equipa:
Jorge Silva Martins (Consultor, CS’Associados)
João Carminho (Associado Sénior, CS’Associados)
Inês Coré (Associada, CS'Associados)