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06 Jan 2023

Round-up dezembro 2022 - Tecnologia, Dados e Inovação Digital

Jorge Silva Martins
Jorge Silva Martins
Responsável de Área
João Carminho
João Carminho
Associado Sénior
Inês Coré
Inês Coré
Round-up dezembro 2022 - Tecnologia, Dados e Inovação Digital
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Round-Up com  os temas que mais se destacaram em dezembro 2022 nas áreas da Tecnologia, Dados e Inovação Digital:

#Privacy and Data Protection

  • EDPB adopts Art. 65 GDPR dispute resolution binding decisions regarding Meta Platforms Ireland Limited
  • Portuguese Data Protection Supervisory Authority (CNPD) fined the Portuguese National Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estatística or INE) 
  • French Data Protection Supervisory Authority (CNIL) fined Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited
  • The “old” standard contractual clauses (SCCs) are no longer valid

# Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence Act
  • Bias in algorithms - Artificial intelligence and discrimination

# Digital Technologies

  • European digital identity (eID)

# Cybersecurity

  • NIS 2 Directive

# Crypto

  • The Council agreed its position on a strengthened AML rulebook: rules will be extended to the entire crypto sector
  • New transparency rules require service providers to report crypto-asset transactions 

# Telecommunications

  • Portugal’s National Strategy for Connectivity

#Intellectual Property

  • Boards of Appeal Case-Law Reports
  • Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs)

A Equipa:
Jorge Silva Martins (Consultor, CS’Associados)
João Carminho (Associado, CS’Associados)
Inês Coré (Advogada Estagiária, CS'Associados)