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06 Fev 2023

Round-up janeiro 23 - Tecnologia, Dados e Inovação Digital

Jorge Silva Martins
Jorge Silva Martins
Responsável de Área
João Carminho
João Carminho
Associado Sénior
Inês Coré
Inês Coré
Round-up janeiro 23 - Tecnologia, Dados e Inovação Digital
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Round-Up com  os temas que mais se destacaram em janeiro 2023 nas áreas da Tecnologia, Dados e Inovação Digital:

#Privacy and Data Protection

  • Individual use of portable cameras by police officers in Portugal
  • CNPD approves guidelines on organisational and security measures applicable to the processing of personal data 
  • IE DPA adopts its decision regarding Meta Platforms Ireland Limited
  • EDPB determines privacy recommendations for the use of cloud services by the public sector and adopts a report on the Cookie Banner Task Force
  • EDPB publishes a binding decision concerning WhatsApp

# Artificial Intelligence

  • NAIRR Task Force publishes its final report on Strengthening and Democratizing the U.S. Artificial Intelligence Innovation Ecosystem
  • EPO publishes a patent report on quatum computing 


  • Several provisions on the new Portuguese Eletronic Communications Law entered into force on 13 January 2023 

# Intellectual Property

  • The European Audiovisual Observatory starts a new year under a Portuguese Presidency
  • Intellectual Property Crime Case-Law of National Courts 2023
  • WIPO opens the 2023 edition of its Global Awards program
  • EUIPO SME fund 2023

# Media 

  • ERC publishes report on the Media Sector in Portugal

A Equipa:
Jorge Silva Martins (Consultor, CS’Associados)
João Carminho (Associado, CS’Associados)
Inês Coré (Advogada Estagiária, CS'Associados)