New Biomass Power Plants: Special regime

Outubro 2019

Decree-Law 120/2019, of 22 August, has adapted the biomass power plants special regime (approved back in 2017) as a consequence of the State Aid granted by the European Commission for biomass-operated power plants close to forests in Portugal, targeting also at promoting the maximum energetic efficiency.

Considering the relevance of this regime in complying with the 2020 indicative targets – as well as the National Energy-Climate Plan (PNEC) 2030, currently under public consultation on Strategic Environmental Assessment – and in supporting the protection of the forest, land and forest preservation and firefighting, we highlight Decree-Law 64/2017, of 12 June as now amended. For that purpose we will refer to the following aspects: (I) scope and purpose, (II) requirements for installation of power plants, (III) initiative, (IV) procedural rules and (V) price support mechanism.

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