Our Partnership Culture
is what truly sets us apart.

Partnership with our clients, with society, and within our firm itself.

At CS'Associados we embrace our clients' goals and forge relationships so that we can achieve them together.

We are strongly committed to providing ethically demanding and responsible services, contributing positively to the creation of long-term value towards a sustainable economy and a balanced society.

First and foremost, the partnership is built on the foundation of the firm's individuals. We are very aware that the best results are achieved by galvanising talent and the horizontal organisation of equals. We are far more than the sum of our individual parts – we have built a law firm that functions as a single, seamless and talented team. At every level. In the profile of work that we do, in our core values, our working environment, and a sense of collective belonging and responsibility. All these factors have contributed to our high rate of talent retention.


CS'Associados has a maximum ratio of three lawyers per partner. Our clients therefore know that each case will always be handled by a dedicated team with the right level experience and responsibility, all working closely in the pursuit of their objectives.


All partners contribute to the management of our firm, and the entire team works to offer the best possible service. We allocate the most appropriate resources to each project by assembling a team that will best be able to respond to the task at hand and give it their utmost dedication.


CS'Associados recruits from the most demanding law schools and encourages its lawyers to undergo continuous training to enhance their talent, diversify and acquire versatility. As soon as they arrive, our lawyers work directly with the partners and the most-experienced and specialised lawyers, thus ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive training experience throughout their career.


We have made it our commitment only to provide services in areas of practice in which we can advise our clients at the very highest level and we have garnered a reputation for offering the best possible advice as a result. All our practice areas are led by lawyers who are recognised in their field by their peers and the market.

The firm's horizontal organisation structure and the strong ties among lawyers makes it easy for us quickly establish multidisciplinary teams with the necessary skills to analyse all angles of a deal and to find the best solutions. When building a team, we take into account our lawyers' individual talents and the specifics of the matter at hand, always trying to strike an ideal match between the two.


Only curious people are able to devise creative solutions. We encourage our lawyers to constantly question themselves, their views and to keep an open mind. We promote enriching international experiences so that the firm and its members can glean a holistic and balanced view of law and society as a whole.

We have a multidisciplinary and diverse team that promotes creative thinking to overcome the challenges faced by our clients and the office. We advise clients in the most innovative and challenging businesses and sectors active in Portugal today


Success only matters if it can be shared with those with whom we are most connected, and in our case our strongest connections are with every member of our community. As such, we have a robust commitment to furthering our social policies, to pro bono, social inclusion and environmental responsibility programmes, although we do prefer to remain discreet in these matters.

Our pride begins at home: we have the active concern to affording all of our employees with equal career opportunities and with conditions to enhance their work-like balance.

We stand by