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Terms of Use

Last updated in: 201-01-07

These terms ("Terms") governs the access to and use of the website made available at csassociados.pt (“Website”) by any users (“Users”).

By accessing or using this Website, the User agrees to comply with and signifies to be bound by these Terms by the provisions set-forth below. Please read these Terms carefully.

1- Ownership

The Website and the domain csassociados.pt belong to and are operated by Campos Ferreira, Sá Carneiro & Associados - Sociedade de Advogados, RL, whose registered office is at Avenida da Liberdade No. 249, 8th floor, 1250-143 Lisboa ("CS Associados"). 

2- Purpose of this Website

Navigation on this Website does not constitute a provision of an online service by CS Associados.

No information or materials published on this Website constitutes, under any circumstances, a solicitation, an offer and/or or a recommendation to provide or request any services.

Nothing on this Website, and contents and features therein, is intended to create, and it will not create, an attorney-client between CS Associados and the User, and to describe the terms and conditions whereby such services are or may be provided by CS Associados.

The Website is for the general information and personal use of the User only. This information and content of this Website are merely indicative and solely intended to inform the User about:

  • The history, organisation and important facts about CS Associados, including the fields of law, industry sectors and practice areas covered by CS Associados’ legal services.
  • Profiles, skills and experience of partners, lawyers and other employees of CS Associados.
  • Vacancies available and recruitment opportunities.
  • CS Associados’ contact information and the available means of contact.

3- Restricted Area

These Terms do not apply to the access and use of the Website’s Restricted Area, which is subject to special terms and conditions and restricted to Users authorised and who have been provided with valid access credentials by CS Associados. 

4- Website availability and access by the User

CS Associados reserves the right to change, interrupt, suspend, cancel or restrict, partially or totally, at any time and without prior notice, access to or use of the Website and/or any specific sections, features, content or links therein.

The User is hereby informed that the Website may be suspended, interrupted or hindered as a result of maintenance operations, for security reasons, for the purpose of updating, modifying or introducing improvements, and also in situations of greater traffic, high level of data processing, and/or by virtue of third parties’ actions.

CS Associados may further suspend, cancel, block or report any User, directly and/or by adopting legal and adequate measures, that infringes these Terms.

5- Information and contents

This Website may contain information on several topics, public facts and legal aspects, including comments prepared by individuals, including lawyers, as well as contents or links to contents available at third parties’ websites. Such content does not constitute or reflect, in any way, CS Associados opinion or views, and CS Associados does not endorse nor accepts any responsibility for information conveyed through the Website unless such information is specifically attributable to, and expressly marked as being the opinion of CS Associados.

The contents and information available on the Website or third parties’ websites linked by the Website, may contain omissions, inaccuracies, incoherencies, and/or not be applicable or appropriate or applicable to the specific circumstances, goals and needs of the User.  While CS Associados endeavours to ensure that the information on this Website is accurate at the time it is included, it does not guarantee neither accepts any obligation to ensure that the information or contents of this Website are accurate, up to date, complete, reliable or adequate, to verify whether the information and contents available at the Website are from credible and reliable authors, sources and websites, and to perform the review, correction or removal of any information and contents.

Nothing in this Website is intended to amount to any legal or other professional advice or seeks to be a statement of the law or to reflect CS Associados’ opinion or conclusions on any matter or fact whatsoever. No information or content available on the Website or through websites linked by this Website may be relied upon by the User or used for any purposes, including, particularly, for any decision-making.

The User is fully responsible for identifying, obtaining, investigating, analysing, and/or seeking professional and exhaustive advice as to any aspects and information that are relevant to the User’s circumstances, goals and needs, as well as for confirming the accuracy, completeness and up to date status thereof. The User is also solely responsible for any actions and omissions that he/she carries out on the basis of information and contents available on this Website. CS Associados excludes all liability to the User or any third parties for any loss or damage relating to the User’s use of or reliance on contents and information provided on or linked to by the Website.

6- Modifications

This Website, and the features, contents and information therein or made available at websites linked by it, are subject to changes and may be removed at any time and without notice by CS Associados. CS Associados shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a modification or removal of any of the Website’s contents, information, links or features. 

7- Risk

The User is hereby informed that upon User’s access or attempt to access the Website or third-party websites linked by it, errors, failures or interruptions may occur and affect the access, use, display and/or operation of the Website and/or any of its features, result in an interception of communications by third parties, propagation of computer viruses and/or unlawful access or damages to the User's equipment and data.

User’s access to, and use, visualisation and/or operation of this Website will be made under the User's risk and responsibility. In particular, the User shall be responsible for ensuring he/she has adopted all necessary security and confidentiality measures prior to accessing, using, viewing or operating the Website, and performing any communications from or to it, and to ensure the safety, integrity of equipment and devices he/she uses and (where applicable) and the backup or recovery of the User’s information and data stored therein.

CS Associates does not guarantee nor verifies the compatibility of this Website with the devices or equipment that may be used by the User, the User’s browsers and navigation, security or privacy settings, the User’s operating systems and, in general, any of the User’s software, hardware or firmware. CS Associados excludes all liability for losses, damages, claims or expenses of any nature relating to errors or failures in connecting or accessing to, visualizing or operating the Website, interruptions or failures in a transmission, line or communications, errors, failures or damages in or caused to the User’s devices and equipment and loss, corruption or interception of User’s communications or data.

8- Intellectual property

This Website, its code and the information and contents therein are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights of CS Associados or third parties. Unless expressly indicated otherwise, any works, contents or information available at and/or linked by or embedded to the Website are protected by copyrights of CS Associados (or third parties) and intended for only viewing only by the User. If and when any content is made available for download, the User shall be permitted to store such content only on his/her device or equipment only for offline viewing.

The Website, its structure, materials, code, slogans, layouts, figures, icons, graphics, colour pallets, lines, design, architecture and look & feel, cannot be copied, reproduced, stored, linked (including by framing or previewing), distributed, modified or published, for any purpose, wholly or partially and by whatever means, by the User, unless otherwise provided by these Terms or upon prior, express consent of CS Associados. Any extraction or attempt thereof of Website’s contents or information by automatic means (including, for example, through crawling, scrapping and/or spider software) is prohibited.

The User is hereby informed that any of the above prohibited actions shall constitute a serious infringement of CS Associados or third parties’ rights, with potential legal consequences for the User. Such actions may also affect and disturb the access to, and/or the operation and integrity of the Website, and cause damages to CS Associados, a third party and/or other User, for which the User shall be fully liable.

9- User's Obligations

The User is not authorised to publish, transmit or promote, or otherwise enable the publication, transmission or promotion through or at the Website of illegal content, computer viruses and any statements that may be deemed offensive or aggressive either to CS Associate or any third parties, minorities, groups or communities, including defamatory, discriminatory, sexual or offensive contents, allusions to sexual, political or religious orientations, threats and/or comments or opinions that make use of improper or violent language.

10- Processing of personal data

Access to the Website does not require the processing of User's personal data. However, the User may provide personal data and CS Associados may collect and process such personal data in connection with the submission of contact forms, requests for information and responses and communications of CS Associados. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy

11- Contacts

If you have any questions or complaints, please feel free to contact us at the contacts given in the [contacts] section of this Website, accessible here.