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16 ago 2023

Round-up July 2023 - Technology, Data and Digital Innovation

Jorge Silva Martins
Jorge Silva Martins
Director de Área de Práctica
João Carminho
João Carminho
Asociado Sénior
Inês Coré
Inês Coré
Round-up July 2023 - Technology, Data and Digital Innovation
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Round-up edition covering the topics that stood out in the month of July 2023 for our Technology, Data and Digital Innovation practice area:

#Privacy and Data Protection

  • European Commission proposes a new regulation to ensure stronger enforcement of GDPR in cross-border cases
  • EC adopts new adequacy decision for EU-US data flows
  • Portuguese Data Protection Supervisory Authority approves an activity plan for the three-year period 2024-2026

# Intellectual Property

  • COTEC-BPI SME Innovation Award applications are now open
  • European Inventor Award 2024 applications are now open

# Telecommunications

  • ANACOM launches a procedure for drafting a new regulation

# Consumer Law

  • EC proposes a new Regulation on toy safety in the EU

# Blockchain

  • Portugal joins the IP Registers in blockchain

# Web4

  • EC presents EU strategy to lead on Web 4.0 and virtual worlds

The Team:
Jorge Silva Martins (Counsel, CS’Associados)
João Carminho (Senior Associate, CS’Associados)
Inês Coré (Associate, CS'Associados)