European and Competition

We have established experience and expertise in the application of competition law rules in both the private and public sectors.

Our team also advises on EU law, with a particular focus on single market rules, European Structural and Investment Funds, regulation and public procurement.

Whenever necessary, we provide advice in an integrated manner with the other practice areas, thereby maximising our knowledge of the industry and the particularities of the transaction in question, which, in turn, ensures the coherence of the proposed solution.

As well as taking a proactive approach to achieving the client's objectives and pursuing its client's strategy, the team takes a preventive approach, organising customised compliance and risk management programmes in the context of business strategy planning (including from the perspective of various types of acquisitions and partnerships).

We also provide reactive advice, where appropriate, based on consolidated know-how and the search for the optimal solution to the challenges faced by our clients, with a particular focus on cases involving restrictive practices and abuses of dominant position, merger control, state aid and private enforcement of competition rules before the courts.

Our clients come from the private, public and cooperative sectors. We represent them before the Competition Authority, sectoral regulators, the European Commission, national courts and the courts of the European Union.