Distribution and Retail

Distribution and retail are part of our daily lives and are undergoing a profound transformation.

Distribution and retail are part of our daily lives and are undergoing a profound transformation due to the acceleration of digitalisation and changes in consumer habits, which are increasingly concerned with the sustainability of consumer goods.

Companies in this sector need innovative advice that is aware of the challenges they face, particularly in terms of the constant evolution of products, marketing, distribution channels and points of sale, as well as operations and logistics.

Through our comprehensive approach to legislation and regulation, whether governmental or EU intervention, our clients are able to anticipate legislative and regulatory changes and minimise potential impacts.

Our team has extensive experience in the sector, enabling our clients to benefit from the knowledge gained throughout.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in, inter alia, matters such as:

  • Negotiating contracts and contractual terms;
  • Advising clients on all distribution matters, including exclusive and selective distribution;
  • Agency (including customer indemnity), commercial concession and franchising issues;
  • Intellectual property issues;
  • Competition issues (including anti-competitive practices) and merger control;
  • Licensing issues;
  • Data protection issues;
  • Litigation.
Distribution and Retail

Track Record

Advising Restaurant Brands Iberia on the acquisition of 121 Burger King restaurants located in Portugal from Ibersol.

Advising on the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of a leading group operating in the packaging and gift industry in Europe, including Portugal.

Advising on the sale of the Portuguese subsidiary of a French group to its largest competitor, both leaders in the distribution of electrical equipment.