Health and Pharmaceuticals

The turnover of producers, distributors and service providers, as well as public and private expenditure in the health sector represent a significant weight in Portugal’s gross domestic product.

This will tend to increase as a result of the greater demands of citizens and users, technological and therapeutic developments, demographic conditions and the new post-pandemic reality.

In a welfare state with a robust but crisis-ridden national health service, public-private partnerships and private initiative may be the solution. As investment in research and development increases, with visible results, the opportunities are enormous, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. In any case, regulatory challenges are ever-present.

CS' Associados has a multidisciplinary team with expertise in the health sector, with experience in advising companies in the sector.

Whether in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products or in the provision of health services in all relevant matters, including:

  • Preparation and negotiation of public-private partnerships;
  • Marketing authorisation procedures for medicinal products;
  • Public procurement for the provision of services and the purchase of goods in the healthcare sector;
  • Regulation of the pharmaceutical market;
  • Radiological protection regime;
  • Contracting of health services in the private sector;
  • Distribution contracts;
  • Telemedicine.
Health and Pharmaceuticals

Track Record

Advising the winning bidder in a public tender for a public-private partnership for the construction and management of a public hospital.

Advising companies in the health sector in public procurement procedures.

Ongoing advice to a company in the field of cancer treatment.