Fintech and Crypto-activities

In recent years, the application of new technologies has made the financial sector one of the most dynamic in the national and international economy.

This happens through their introduction by operators outside the traditional banking sector, but also through their adoption by established credit institutions.

The continued possibility of using new technologies in financial services, and the growth of new operators, will depend on the adaptation of the regulation of financial services in a way that stimulates this growth without undermining confidence in the financial sector.

CS'Associados has increasingly provided legal support in the area of fintech and crypto area to banks and other credit institutions, as well as to non-bank institutions, start-ups, scale-ups and investors, both in the development of new products and in adapting to and identifying opportunities arising from regulatory reforms. Assisting these businesses also enabled our team to develop a deep understanding of the market and its challenges.

Our lawyers have advised on a wide range of matters.

Including the following:

  • Assisting issuers in initial coin offerings;
  • Assisting international companies with cryptocurrency projects to enter the domestic market;
  • Supporting tokenisation projects;
  • Developing DAO platforms;
  • Assisting cryptoactive investors with tax, contractual and regulatory issues;
  • Regulatory compliance for virtual asset service providers;
  • Supporting relationships with the national regulatory and supervisory authorities, in particular the Bank of Portugal and the Securities Market Commission;
  • Developing crowdfunding platforms;
  • Developing online platforms for the provision of financial services;
  • Assisting payment service providers in regulatory and contractual matters.
Fintech and Crypto-activities

Track Record

Advising on an investment by a Bluetech Fund in the Portuguese subsidiary of Studentfinance, a fintech company providing student finance solutions, operating in the UK, Portugal and Spain.

Assisting in the establishment of a cryptoactive management company in Portugal.